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Special 2022 Combi Deal: Nunchaku Book (English version) and a Nunchaku (Senior Professional White)


Combination of the English version of the Nunchaku book ‘From secret weapon to official sport’ together with a White Senior Professional Nunchaku with extra large 2022 discount!

About the book:
The complete Nunchaku book based on the sport Nunchaku-Do. The weapon of Bruce Lee as a competitive sport! This book is an indispensable guide to train with the nunchaku. Techniques, Kata, history, regulations and much more.

White Senior Professional Nunchaku:
The nunchakus of the World Nunchaku Association (WNA) have been developed since 1984 and have since then been further developed into the best and save product to practice nunchaku for both the novice practitioner and the advanced nunchaku-kas competition.